CA extension for complete constitution: Gachhadar

BIRATNAGAR, MAY 13 – Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar said that a draft of the constitution could be released within May 27. However, he claimed that the deadline of the Constituent Assembly has to be extended to release a complete constitution.

Although the parties have not yet reached an agreement, Gachhadar said that either the parties would release a constitution on majority vote or they would release a draft on consensus. Gachhadar claimed that a draft would guarantee the promulgation of constitution. Then the parties would have a basis to claim for the extension of CA deadline.

“If the draft is completed we would have a basis to extend the CA deadline. Then we can again discuss on the contentious issues to promulgate a complete constitution,” said Gachhadar. Ekantipur Report

Gachhadar further claimed that the constitution would incorporate everyone. He opined that the federal constitution should address the identity of the entire population.

In a different context, Gachhadar said that the ongoing strikes are not unprecedented. He said that the strikes would go on until the CA deadline ends. However, he claimed that these strikes would only delay the constitution. “The constitution would be written on the basis of political agreement at the CA not on the streets,” said Gachhadar.


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