Wed. Aug 5th, 2020

Kevin Pietersen ton help Delhi to win

NEW DELHI: But for a quirk of fate, Kevin Pietersen may well have turned out for Team Hyderabad instead of Team Delhi in Thursday’s match, and the England cricketer admitted he was feeling a “bit sorry” for Darren Lehmann and Kumar

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Sangakkara‘s bunch after scoring a spectacular century to see Delhi through. Interestingly, he admitted the Hyderabad franchise’s decision to transfer him ahead of the season had been playing on his mind during the game.

“I feel sorry for Hyderabad and the boys,” he said, adding in jest: “But then I gave them enough chances! I know I could very well have been playing for them today but I’m also glad I’m on the winning team. Playing for Delhi is fantastic. When you go out to bat you have a job to do, but that said…yes, the decision (to move him to Delhi) was there at the back of my mind.” He had a word of encouragement for Hyderabad as well, saying, “They don’t need to lose heart. In the IPL, how you play in May matters more than how you play in April.”

यह भी पढें   ‘इमाम-ए-हिन्द’ कहकर प्रभु श्रीराम का अपमान करनेवाले फैज खान सार्वजनिक रूप से क्षमा याचना करें !

‘KP’ admitted Delhi had been lucky to prevail. “We were lucky to scrape through. We were tested, we lost a couple of early wickets but I’m in pretty good form at the moment so I backed myself and it came off. It was my job today to see the team through.”

Grinning from ear to ear and repeatedly stating how satisfied he was to have scored a ton and fashioned victory, KP said, “It’s amazing. Getting a T20 century is special and it feels nice to tick that box in the IPL.” Delhi Daredevils,

यह भी पढें   ‘इमाम-ए-हिन्द’ कहकर प्रभु श्रीराम का अपमान करनेवाले फैज खान सार्वजनिक रूप से क्षमा याचना करें !

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