Tue. Mar 26th, 2019

A meeting of the three major political parties – UCPN (Maoist), NC and CPN (UML) – on Monday sought two more days to resolve the differences on contentious issues of the new constitution.
The three party meeting held at Singha Durbar in the Capital this morning asked the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) of the Legislature-Parliament to give it two more days to settle the differences on forms of governance and restructuring of the state.

The BAC is to decide on the sub-committee’s demand today itself.

As per the earlier understanding reached at the BAC, the major political parties had set today’s deadline to settle the differences on the disputed subjects of the new constitution.

Meanwhile, the meeting of the Constitutional Committee (CC) under the Constituent Assembly (CA) scheduled for today has been deferred once again.

A meeting of the Dispute Resolution Sub-committee held at Singha Durbar postponed the meeting of the Constitutional Committee (CC), which is mandated to prepare the final draft of the constituton, till Wednesday following the decision of the major political parties to ask for couple of days more from BAC to settle contentious issues seen in constitution drafting. nepalnews.com

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