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KATHMANDU, JUL 15 –  The Sadbhawana Party has proposed that the Constituent Assembly can be revived for a brief period if there is consensus among parties on the outstanding contentious issues of constitution-writing including federalism. However, the party says, it is open to holding fresh CA elections in case there is discord on the issue of House revival.

In a statement issued on Saturday after a two-day national gathering organised to seek ways out of the current impasse, party Chairman Rajendra Mahato said that the basis for state restructuring should be the 10-state model proposed by a majority members of the State Restructuring Commission. If there is disagreement on this either, Mahato states, then the 10-state model should be made part of the proposed constitution to be promulgated. He suggests that following the enforcement of the national charter, parliamentary elections can be held. The new assembly would discuss the 10-state model within three months and promulgate either the same model or a slightly revised one. Provincial elections would be held last.

Mahato also made it clear that if the parties agree on the contentious issues, the Nepali Congress will get to lead the election government as per the five-point agreement reached among the parties in May. He said that the new statute, which guarantees identity-based federalism, has to be drafted through a CA, and not a commission. If there is no agreement among parties through the aforementioned process, “it will be clear that there is no possibility of securing a statute that guarantees identity-based federalism. In that case, pro-federalism forces need to take to the streets.”

According to Mahato, the conclusion of the two-day gathering had inputs from all the parties. The meeting saw the presence of leaders from almost all major political forces except the Nepali Congress. The CPN-UML was represented by Vice-chairman Ashok Rai and Politburo member Rajendra Shrestha, both of whom have been advocating single identity as the basis for federalism. UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal addressed the gathering on Friday. The meeting was also attended by activists, lawyers and writers.

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