Wed. Nov 14th, 2018

Administration accused of extortion

BIRGUNJ: District administration office of Parsa has been allegedly extorting money from local businessmen by ‘abducting’ them over what they called activities breaching the law.

Lately, Parsa administration today detained a local businessmen of Adarshanagar before freeing him one hour later, which has raised serious doubts over the administration’s modus operandi.

According to a source, the administration managed to ‘extort’ money from local businessmen Murari Bajaj of Adarshnagar by detaining him over selling pirated CDs of Nepali, foreign and pornographic films today.

After asking 1 million rupees from Bajaj, CDO Shambhu Koirala had called Bajaj’s friend Ramesh Chaudhary and handed him over to the latter fearing any disgrace the issue could have brought to him as a lot of journalists had assembled outside his quarter then.

“The issue was settled in a hurry after receiving token money and with the arrangement to receive the rest of the amount later,” said an administration source.

It has been learnt that first gazetted officer Lalit Jha had taken Bajaj, proprietor of the Murari Stores of Rungata Market, with him to the CDO quarter in a Bolero jeep (Na 2 cha 7671) that the CDO use.d According to the administration source, Chaudhary has been arbitrating transaction-related disputes between businessmen and the local police administration. Eyewitnesses said Bajaj who had been taken to the CDO quarter at about 12:30 noon was released at 1:30 pm, when Chaudhary and his friend Bajaj returned from the CDO quarter in a white colour Maruti van (Na 1 Cha 8354).

Meanwhile, while Bajaj admitted meeting the CDO as he came out of the CDO quarter, the latter, however, denied any meeting with the businessman. “No one from outside has come to my quarter. I did not meet anyone by the name of Bajaj nor talked to him,” he told journalists after returning to his office from the quarter, and vented his ire on journalists for spreading false information.

Small and Retailer Association Birgunj Chairperson Pradeep Sarraf condemned the administration’s act. “It is out and out wrong to pick up businesspersons in the style of an abduction.” he argued, adding the administration was acting randomly instead of taking appropriate action against the wrong-doer.THT

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