Sun. Mar 24th, 2019

As journalists, we check facts, and then put them out in public domain: Shekhar Gupta


Sonia Singh : Our top story is a story from ‘The Indian Express’ which has the nation talking, if not spooked. The Prime Minister said today the Army Chief’s is an exalted office and that we all have an obligation to do nothing to lower its dignity.

That’s how he responded to the reports of growing friction between the government and the Army Chief. The Prime Minister also called ‘The Indian Express’ report alarmist and said it shouldn’t be taken at face value. Defence Minister A K Antony made the point that nobody can question the patriotism of Indian troops.

Joining me tonight is Shekhar Gupta, Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Indian Express’, and also a journalist on this story.

The story has your byline Shekhar. Just to hold up this headline: “The January night Raisina Hill was spooked: Two key Army units moved towards Delhi without notifying Govt.’’ Many have said while the story may be valid, this paragraph makes the point that: “To be fair, the MoD’s considered view now seems to be it was a false alarm…’ Is the headline misleading? Has it actually sent out a message it was completely wrong?

Shekhar Gupta : Well if that was the case, the story would not have run. We are not non-serious journalists. MoD can have its point of view. We have to report that point of view. We also have to report the facts and the reader has to arrive at a judgement in view of the facts. So the fair thing to do is to put all facts in the front, and all facts are in the front and you can draw your own pictures of it. from indian express

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