Mon. Mar 25th, 2019

Baidya‚ Badal protest CA extension proposal‚ criticise party leadership


KATHMANDU: Two senior leaders of UCPN-Maoist —Vice Chairman Mohan Baidya and General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa— have protested the government proposal to extend the Constituent Assembly by three months.

Stressing on the the need for consensus among the parties to find out a political solution if the constitution could not be promulgated by meeting the May 27 deadline, they criticised the party leadership for bringing in the three-month extension proposal by keeping in dark the Maoist party also.
In a joint statement issued on the letterhead of Maoist party’s Central Committee, the dissident leaders said that the maximum attempts would have been made to promulgate the new constitution by May 27 as per the Interim Constituion and the political commitment. “But such attempts were not made in past two years, and the term of Constituent Assembly was repeatedly extended and the CA schedule changed,” they said, “This shows clearly that the constitution-writing has failed in the leadership of big parties in the Constituent Assembly.”

The focus would have been at the existing situation, they stated, meeting the May 27 deadline. “If that did not happen then a political agreement would have been sought among all the political parties to find an alternative political solution.”

Accusing the party leadership of bringing in the extension proposal by ignoring the Maoist party abruptly and in a conspiratorial manner at the time foreign forces are playing against the national sovereignty, Baidya and Badal maintained that they did have serious disagreement over the proposal.

They further urged all the stakeholders to build up an all-party agreement to find a political exit to the existing crisis by taking into account the concerns of protection of national sovereignty and people’s rights.

They announced that the protest programme that the dissident faction had launched was cancelled for now owing to the changing state of affairs.

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