Sun. Nov 18th, 2018

Banda affects normal life in LAHAN and Nepalgunj by Muslim & Three associations

Govt invites Chhetri-Brahamin-Thakuri-Dalit Samaj for talks
The banda activists and organizers have descended to different places of the city as Naya Baneshwar, Koteshwar, Satdobato, Kalanki, Kalimati, Gongabu, Maharajgunj and Chabahil and are holding rallies chanting slogans. Police personnel in large numbers have been deployed at the main road crossings to prevent any untoward incidents during the banda.

Convenor of the Struggle Committee, Dil Bahadur Kshetri, said that the general strike has been organised to exert pressure for making the new Constitution acceptable to the people of all ethnicities and castes and based on equal treatment to all guaranteeing judicial rights.

The Struggle Committee comprises different caste-based organizations as the Kshetri Samaj Nepal, the Brahman Samaj Nepal, the Thakuri Samaj Nepal, the Dasnami Samaj, the Bibhed Mukti Pragatisheel Samaj, the Dalit Janajagaran Samaj, the Khas Kshetri Samaj and the Backward Classes Society, Nepal.

Similarly, life has been crippled in Chitwan, Bhadrapur, Biratnagar and Hetaunda since the morning due to the nation-wide general strike enforced by the Joint Struggle Committee as public transport, market and businesses remain shut.

HURON to monitor strike

The Human Rights Organization, Nepal (HURON) is to monitor the general strikes likely to take place around May 27, the deadline for issuing the new constitution.

In a discussion programme held here on Wednesday, HURON said it was organizing a national discussion on May 31. Referring to the general strike in the Far-west Region of the country that has dragged on until the 12th day, it urged the banda organizers of the region to ease the shutdown at least four hours daily as per the international standards considering the difficulties faced b the general public.

President of Nepal Bar Association, Prem Bahadur Khadka, called on the banda organizers to ease the shutdown for some hours to ease life.

Muslim calls banda


Life in Siraha district has been crippled Thursday due to the banda called by National Muslim Struggle Coalition demanding Muslim communities separate identification in the new constitution.

Entire market areas, factories and industries, academic institutions have been shut down and transportation has come to a grinding halt due to the banda.

Three associations call banda


Three associations jointly called banda in Tarai region including Banke district on Thursday and Friday.

United Struggle Committee, National Muslim Struggle Coalition and Undivided Mid Western Struggle Committee called banda in the district today.

United Struggle committee including Chhetri Samaj, Brahman Samaj, Thakuri Samaj, Dashnami Samaj, Dalit Janajagaran Sewa Sangh, Bibedh Mukti Pragatishil Samaj, Khas Chhetri Ekata Samaj and Federation of Marginalised group called the two-day banda. from ekantipur & republica

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