Sun. Nov 18th, 2018

Bandh called by Bahuns, Chettris demanding ‘indigenous status’ partially affects life nationwide

A bandh (shutdown strike) called by Bahun and Chettri Samaj on Thursday has partially affected normal life in different parts of the country.

The bandh has been enforced by the Joint Struggle Committee of Bahun and Chettri community to raise awareness regarding, as wheat they called, “national integrity” and “maintain communal harmony”.

In capital Kathmandu, the bandh appears to have very minimal effect as shops and businesses in markets are doing brisk business while industries, government and private offices also remain open. Office goers as well as commuters are also not having any difficulty in travelling to their destinations as both public and private vehicles are also plying on the road, although in less numbers than usual, without any kind of obstruction.

The bandh called by the Samaj seems to have very little effect in other parts of the country as well as various political, ethnic and professional groups have already been continuing with their strike in mid-western, far-western and eastern terai region by making various demands.

Bahuns and Chettris have intensified their protests across the country protesting against plans to federate the country along ethnic lines and demanding that the government also award them indigenous status.

The two communities have been arguing that ethnicity-based federalism will disintegrate the country and say that identity and economic viability should instead be the basis for federalism.

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