Mon. Jun 17th, 2019

Broader Madhesi Front has called general strike in Madhes

KATHMANDU: Newly formed Broader Madhesi Front has called general strike from tomorrow across Madhes to protest the 11-pradesh proposal agreed by the three major parties -UCPN-M, CPN-UML and NC.

In a press conference here today, front leader Upendra Yadav who is also the Chairman of MJF-Nepal said the new agreement was a conspiracy to divide Madhes in five pradeshes and rob Madhesis of their resources. “The new agreement between the three parties is the manifestation of continued policy of internal colonisation of Madhes, which had began 240 years ago,” Yadav alleged.

Yadav said the 11-pradesh proposal had no legitimacy because there was no such proposal within the CA or the SRC. “Three chiefs of three major parties are acting as kings but the people of Madhes and marginalised communities will never tolerate their dictates,” Yadav said.

He accused the three major parties of hijacking the rights of Constituent Assembly. “A new constitution cannot be framed in restaurant or private houses. Those who have lost CA election have no right to dictate constitutional debate,” Yadav said without taking anyone’s name. He said autonomous Madhes pradeshes had been ensured in government’s agreements with Madhesi parties, and 11-pradesh proposal violated those agreements.

UCPN-M lawmaker Prabhu Shah said they would block parliamentary process to amend Article 70 of the Interim Constitution. The CA can adopt a new constitution within the next few days only when CA procedures are shortened for which amendment of Article 70 of the Interim Constitution is necessary.

Apart from Yadav and Shah, Sharad Singh Bhandari of the MJF-D, Mahendra Paswan and Ram Kumar Sharma of the UCPN-M, Ramashish Gupta of Tarai Madhes Democratic Party-Nepal, Biswendra Paswan of Dalit Janjati Party, Sarita Giri of Nepal Sadbhawana Party, Mahesh Prasad Yadav of Federal Sadbhawana Party and Kaushal Kumar Singh of Nepal OBC Federation jointly signed the press release issued by the front today.

Meanwhile, TMDP-Nepal has unanimously directed its party leader Mahendra Yadav, who is Irrigation Minister, to resign from the government and join the street protest to ensure genuine federalism.HIMALAYAN NEWS SERVICE

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