Sat. Mar 23rd, 2019

Communities against enlistment of Brahmin, Chhetries as indigenous



Various ethnic communities have denounced the pledge of top political party leaders to include Bahun, Chhetri and other groups as indigenous nationalities.

The ethnic groups have warned the leaders not to violate the established criteria by forcefully enlisting any group as an indigenous nationality. In a statement, the group has warned not to take decisions guided by hidden motives and folly of government.

The top leaders agreed on Thursday to enlist 11 communities, including Brahmins and Chhetris, as the “Khas-Arya” indigenous community. The alliance had been protesting with the demand to include Brahmin, Chhetri, Thakuri, Dashnami and Dalits under the Khas-Arya indigenous category.

Various ethnic groups including Tamang, Gurung, Rai, Sherpa, Tharu and Newar have decided to act against the agreement. The protest of indigenous people in the Valley will be led by Tamangs and Newars.

“The concept of indigenous nationalities is guided by specific historical, cultural, linguistic, anthropologic and sociological requirements,” the statement reads.

“There are certain international standards, including one prescribed by the United Nations, to determine who can be categorised as indigenous and who cannot. The existing indigenous groups were not categorised by the government but with our own sacrifice and recommended international norms.”

The group has cautioned the leaders that enlisting any group as indigenous nationality would undermine the sacrifice made by genuine indigenous communities. They asked leaders not to forget their sacrifices.

Chairman of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (Nefin) Rajkumar Lekhi said they were strengthening their protest in order to foil the government’s move.

“It is unacceptable so we will do anything possible to stop it. We have already announced our agitation against the move,” said Lekhi. Nefin and the Tahruhat Joint Struggle Committee have announced various demonstration programmes that include surrounding the Constituent Assembly.

Meanwhile, leaders representing ethic communities have termed the 11-state model of federation as an act of deception. They have urged the government to address their rightful demand and avoid communal conflict in the report

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