Wed. Nov 21st, 2018

Devotees worship the idol of Tirupati Balaji at Tundikhel in Kathmandu.

KATHMANDU, Feb 25: Thousands of Hindu devotees are paying their homage to Tirupati Balaji during the celestial wedding ceremony of the deity at Tundikhel, in the capital, on Saturday.

The idol of Tirupati Balaji, a form of Lord Vishnu as per Hindu mythology, along with those of goddesses Sridevi and Bhudevi, has been brought to Kathmandu from Andhra Pradesh, India for the ceremony.

The celestial wedding of Tirupati Balaji with goddesses Sridevi and Bhudevi will be solemnized starting from 5 to 8 pm today. This is the first time that the idol of the Hindu deity has been taken out of India.

More than 30,000 devotees are expected turn in to observe the religious ceremony being organized spending some Rs 80,00,000, according to the festival organizing committee. A large number of security personnel have been deployed and volunteers mobilized at the festival site.

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