Tue. Nov 13th, 2018

Dozen of shops vendelised during band today

KATHMANDU, May 21: Banda enforcers vandalized around one dozen shops at
Naya Bazaar in Kathmandu on Monday, the second consecutive day of Nepal
banda, called by the Indigenous Nationalities Struggle Committee.
The banda enforcers vandalized the shops saying the shops were opened during
the banda, according to the Metropolitan Police Sector, Sorhakhutte.
It is said that slight force was used to remove agitators after they started to
vandalize the shops.
Police said that there was minor destruction in shops and the banda enforcers
involved in vandalism had consumed alcohol. A large number of police
personnel have been deployed at the area after the incident.
Similarly, a clash had taken place at Imadol in Lalitpur between the banda
enforcers and those coming out to counter.
According to the Metropolitan Police Sector, Lalitpur, locals had come out to
counter after the agitators did not listen to the locals´ requests for not to call the
Around 200 police personnel have been deployed under the leadership of Deputy
Superintendent of Police, Rajendra Bhattachan after the incident at Imadol.
Over one dozen people were injured in the clash.
Likewise, Coordinator of the Struggle Committee, Raj Kumar Lekhi said that they
have no plan to vandalize shops and use force and requested the Police
administration to take action against groups involved in criminal activities.
Lekhi also requested to allow operation of vehicles of daily essential sectors
including press, ambulance, tourists, among others, unhindered.

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