Mon. Dec 10th, 2018

Explosives a growing threat in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: Cases revolving around illegal explosives in the Kathmandu Valley increased four folds in 2068 BS, compared to the previous year, while the number of house burglaries fell by 4.05 per cent, figures from the Metropolitan Police Commissioner’s Office show.

Eighteen cases related to explosives were recorded at the commissioner’s office in 2068, including the blast that claimed three people and injured six outside the Nepal Oil Corporation in Babarmahal. Bombs were found in more than 10 places in the valley after the blast. In the previous year, only four such cases were reported. Valley police, despite ‘stepped-up operations to catch burglary rackets’ in 2068, could only report marginal success if the number of reported cases are to be taken into account. According to MPCO, 284 burglaries were reported in 2068 BS, against 296 in 2067 BS in the valley.

However, security personnel scored success in arresting those accused of burglary. Police informed that 70 burglars were arrested and indicted in 2068 compared to 52 in the previous year. In 2068 alone, more than 10 members of organised burglary rackets were arrested.

In 2068 BS, burglary cost victims an estimated Rs 56.8 million in lost property, officials said. The average rupees loss per burglary was Rs 2 lakh in the previous year. Similarly, the number of armed robberies also decreased from 16 in 2067 BS to 10 in 2068. The figures indicate that cases of fraud, murder, illegal gambling, forgery, drug crimes, banking offences, trafficking, rape and public offences also slightly declined in 2068.HIMALAYAN NEWS SERVICE

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