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Foot In Mouth: ‘I don’t want to see Sanjay Dutt’s face for rest of my life’


Foot In Mouth: `I don`t want to see Sanjay Dutt`s face for rest of my life`

Filmmaker, who had earlier refuted our report on his differences with Sanjay Dutt, puts his foot in his mouth by finally admitting it

Now that Department has released, Ram Gopal Varma has finally admitted that all was not well between him and Sanjay Dutt and co-producer Dharam Oberoi during the making of the film.

However, when we broke the story about their fall-out in — ‘Racing against time and ‘Lights, camera, no action’, the filmmaker had ranted against our reports on a micro-blogging site, going to the extent of addressing journalists as ‘jokers’.

He went a step ahead to claim that all was well between the two, and even claimed he had a great time working with Sanju, who he has high regards for. Just like his latest release has come crashing down at the box office, Ramu too seems to have fallen flat on his face.

Incidentally, the filmmaker has been questioned about changing his stance on Dutt and Department by some of his followers on Twitter. Here’s a dekko…

What RGV’s follower said
Y DO GALS LIE @rainy_leone

@RGVzoomin and when tabloids said you had a problem with sanjay dutt… you called them liars… now we know who was lying to please the star. So now that the cat is out of the bag, say, who’s the joker, Ramu? Or shouldn’t we ask!

What RGV said

Whatever else happening to Department I am supremley happy tht I don’t nd 2 see the faces of Sanjay dutt nd Dharam uberoi fr rest of my life.

Frm forcing me 2 take kangana out of the film 2 constantly cornering me 2 change screenplay I had the most horrible time wrking wth Dutt.

If Dutt n uberoi think I am the bad in Dept let’s wait for zilla ghaziabad nd sohams film whr I am not there 2 spoil their creative inputs

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