Wed. Nov 14th, 2018

Gajurel warns of backing no-confidence vote,Says Baidhya faction is ready if opposition tables one

DHARAN: Unified CPN-Maoist Secretary CP Gajurel today said the Mohan Baidhya faction of the party was ready to back a no-confidence motion against the government if the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML went for it.

With a tug of war between the Baidhya camp and establishment side — led by Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai — stretched out to the max, the hardline faction, which had even forged alliance with 11 fringe parties, is now mulling over ways to pull down the government, which it says is ‘anti-national’.

Speaking at a press meet in Dharan, Gajurel, an influential hardline leader, termed Bhattarai an ‘anti-nationalist prime minister’ and said the Baidhya camp could support a vote of no-confidence against the Bhattarai-led government if other parties tabled it before Parliament. Sources say the Baidhya camp has more than 30 per cent lawmakers to rally around it.

“The catch is we cannot bring such a motion as the government is led by our own party. If NC and UML go for it, we will back them though,” said Gajurel. “A prime minister who is against the interest of the nation cannot and should not lead a government. Bhattarai must step down.”

Relations between the two factions in the Maoist party have soured even more in recent times with the dissenters forcing the establishment side to put off party’s central committee meeting (where about 34 per cent members are said to be hardliners) called in a conciliatory bid by Dahal.

Responding to a query if Bhattarai’s resignation would facilitate timely completion of the constitution-writing process, Gajurel argued that responsibility of drafting a constitution is of the political parties — not of the government.
We’re the establishment side’
DHARAN: Maoist Secretary CP Gajurel on Tuesday claimed that the faction led by the hardliners was the establishment side and not the one that is led by Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal. “How can a faction that cannot hold a CC meeting be the establishment camp?” Gajurel questioned. “Dahal and Baburam have surrendered themselves to the Congress and UML and in doing so, they have given up revolutionary agenda as well,” said Gajurel, adding that his faction would continue to organise campaigns and programmes to bring about the desired change in the country and usher in peace. HIMALAYAN NEWS SERVICE

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