Fri. Nov 16th, 2018

Hardliners reject Dahal’s unity proposal‚ calling it a sham

KATHMANDU: In a bid to prevent an imminent split in the party, Unified CPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal today put forth a seven-point proposal pledging to do self-criticism on past mistakes, discuss leadership change and make required sacrifices for the sake of unity, which was rejected by the hardline faction.

Dahal requested the hardline faction led by Mohan Baidhya to cancel their national meet scheduled for June 15, but Baidhya outright rejected his proposal.

“It is another attempt to hoodwink us, to disrupt our planned national meet,” Gajurel said of Dahal’s proposal. He said his faction would have proceeded on unity talks further had Dahal done a self-criticism on past mistakes and taken responsibility for the dissolution of the CA.

Dahal has mentioned in the proposal that there is no dispute in the party regarding Maoist ideology, new people’s revolution, the objective of socialism and communism and the principle of centralised party organisation.

“The key differences are about the path adopted to reach the strategic target of people’s revolution. The path of peace, constitution and government is the strategy adopted to reach that target,” the proposal read.

Dahal loyalist Haribol Gajurel said the Baidhya faction snubbed the proposal because they had nothing to do with party ideology and were not honest about unity.

“Hardliners have gone too far. They are colluding with the Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and royalists. They are actually rightist forces in the leftist garb,” Haribol quipped.

He claimed Dahal was popular than everybody else in the party for the role he played in last four years. “People did not want our party to do anything that could spoil peace and constitution, and therefore, we took the risk to complete peace process,” Haribol said. “Now people know that the UCPN-M is not at fault, but Baidhya faction wants us to say the line of peace and constitution was wrong. Dahal or the establishment can never say that or else the party’s image will be sullied,” he added.

Dahal has said that the issues like the episode of handing over keys of the arms containers, decision to integrate combatants and the Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement with India were the bone of contention.

Baidhya group, however, insisted that the whole political line taken by Dahal was incorrect and that the party was becoming revisionist and toeing the line set by rightist groups.

Seven-prong olive branch

• All the decisions made after Palungtar plenum can be reviewed

• Dahal ready to do self-criticism for past mistakes

• Leadership change can be discussed for party unity

• Constitution only through Constituent Assembly

• Once political consensus is forged on identity based federalism and constitution with federalism government leadership can be changed as per the spirit of past agreement

• Leadership committed to resolving differences through party General Convention in January-February

• Hardliners urged to cancel the national conclave called for June 15 and hold expanded meeting of the CC planned for June 29 . RAM KUMAR KAMAT from THT

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