Thu. Mar 21st, 2019

I have no hidden agenda, says Gyanendra


Former King Gyanendra has said he does not have any “hidden agenda” and that his recent tour to far-western region was no indication that he was trying to be politically active.
Former king Shah
“Whatever words you use to describe it…I don’t have any hidden agenda. I came here [far-western region] after ordinary people invited me,” Gyanendra said in an interview to Avenues Television on Monday. He said he was ready to play “any kind of role” people want him to play.
Gyanendra, who returned to the capital after a four-day visit to different parts of far-western region, said his was a religious tour.
He had gone to Dhangadhi on Thursday. He met pro-monarchists during his stay apart from attending religious programmes and visiting Hindu temples. His supporters had chanted slogans as he met them, demanding revival of monarchy and suggesting him to become active in politics.
Meanwhile, the ex-King alluded that they leaders had forgotten the agreement they had reached with him [before the abolition of monarchy”.
“The leaders [who reached agreement with him] are still there. They are still in politics. You should ask them what it [agreement] was. I don’t need to say anything,” he told Avenues Television.

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