Mon. Oct 15th, 2018

India has repeatedly reposed faith in democracy : Manmohan Singh

India’s unflinching commitment to democracy is the reason behind the nation’s growing global stature, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Sunday during a special sitting to mark 60 years of Parliament.

“One of the reasons for our growing global stature in the world is our unflinching commitment to pursuing the democratic path to achieving social and economic salvation,” Dr. Singh said addressing the Rajya Sabha.

“Indians have repeatedly reposed their faith in the democracy. In recent years, they are making their voice heard more forcefully by voting in higher numbers in parliamentary, State Assembly and panchayat elections,” he said.

Saying the Upper House has justified the two-House system, the Prime Minister also stressed on restoring the decorum that is “expected from the house of elders”.

“It is not to say that we should not reflect the concern and the regrettable unwillingness on occasions to engage in the discussions,” he said.

The Parliament is having a special sitting on Sunday to mark 60 years of the first sitting of the Lok Sabha.The Hindu

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