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Indian four Army Women officers and six male soldiers stood on the summit of Mount Everest today.


Kathmandu,25th may,Four female officers and six male soldiers from the Indian Army proudly stood on the summit of Mount Everest earlier today. The final push for the summit began around 7 p.m. 24 May 2012 from Camp 4 famously known as the South Col, with the first of the climbers arriving at their destination about nine hours later. “Sir, we’ve done it,” were the first words from Captain Namrata Rathore to Colonel Ajay Kothiyal, the leader of the expedition from the summit. The other female officers who reached the summit were Major (Dr) N. Linyu, Capt. Deepika Rathore and Capt. Smitha. Maj Linyu was the first of the female climbers to be on top. The team was led by Major R. S. Jamwal (deputy leader,) of the team. Subedar Rajender Jalal, Havaldar Sherab Palden, Havaldar Praveen Thapa, Havaldar Chader Bahadur Thapa and L/H Sudhir Singh were amongst the other male members who successfully scaled the peak. Jalal, a veteran mountaineer who has already scaled five eight thousand meter peaks and also Mt Everest in 2003 became the first Indian to reach the summit of the world’s highest mountain without oxygen. “Our first attempt on the summit was hampered by bad weather that included strong winds which prompted us to make a strategic decision to retreat.” said the team leader Col Ajay Kothiyal. He also praised the Sherpa guides who worked under difficult conditions and contributed to the success of the whole team. The bad weather on the mountain including higher than usual temperatures and high winds prompted several expeditions on the mountain to close camp and abandon their expeditions earlier this month. The deaths of six climbers on 18 and 19 May 2012, one of the few climbing windows on Everest this season, and other earlier deaths have made this one of the deadliest climbing seasons.

A second team of Indian Army Women’s Everest Expedition consisting of three women officers and five men will make an attempt on the summit on 26 May 2012.

this was known here by a PRESS RELEASE given by Indian Embassy.

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