Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

Indian Police arrested traffickers Sushila Devi & Lila Devi along with the seven girls in Bhittamod.


SARLAHI, Aug 23: The process for repatriation of seven girls from Bhaktipur-6 in the district is yet to complete even five months after they were rescued from traffickers in India.
Indian Police had arrested traffickers Sushila Devi Singh (30) of Dhanusha and Lila Devi of Sarlahi along with the seven girls in Bhittamod on March 27. Indian police had also recovered illegal drugs from them. Indian Police had initiated action against Sushila and Lila after they confessed to taking the girls to sell in Indian brothels. Nevertheless, according to Radha Ghimire, chairman of Child Protection Organization, Sarlahi, the rescued girls — Anita Kumari Musahar (13), Sibo Kumari Majhi (10), Anita Majhi (10), Bindu Kumari Majhi (10), Mintra Kumari Majhi (9), Nabina Kumari (11) and Bijeta Kumari (9) have been taking refuge in a children´s home called Aditi Alpa Bas Griha at Dumra in Sitamadhi. She also informed that efforts to bring the girls back home are on under the auspices of Mumbai-based organization, World Education.

“Many other people have requested us to find the whereabouts of their daughters. Some of the girls have returned home after being sold in Indian brothels though,” Ghimire said.

According to women´s rights activist Jamuna Acharya, the girls are likely to be sent home within two weeks. However, Chief District Officer of Sarlahi Rishi Raj Dhakal said he was not aware of the exact date on which the girls would be sent home but they are safe in the Indian children´s home.

CDO Dhakal informed that the girls from marginalized and poor communities are more vulnerable to trafficking.SANTOSH SINGH,republica

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