Thu. Nov 15th, 2018

Indo-nepal Relation based on FREE,FRANK & FRIENDSHIP said Mazumdar

In 490th Regular Meeting of Rotary Club of Rajdhani, Mr.Jai Deep Mazumdar  D.C.M. of Indian Embassy was kind enough to be the Guest Speaker.Which made the meeting impressive and attractive.In usual course there is 50% attendance but on this day it was 80% attendance. Seven inner wheel members and two visiting rotarians were there to listen.

His opening three words touched the hearts of all the audience.

Three words were “FREE,FRANK & FRIENDSHIP.

We can easily be free & frank with our friends.He addressed all as friends and shared views very frankly and freely.He presented himself as friend not as a diplomat.It was very much clear from his statements.

In general relation between two countries is state to state and government to government,but in case of India & Nepal it is people to people.So,its a special relation between India & Nepal.

And this is the reality.

He shared about 1950 treaty between the two countries.It entitles citizens of both the countries to buy property and do service in both the countries.But Nepalese are allowed to buy property in India and do service even in government.Whereas Indians are not allowed.

There is no practice throughout the world that one’s country’s Chief Of Army becomes Honorary Chief of Army of other country.But it is there between India & Nepal.

He categorically shared that there is one Major General in India(he is Nepali) if age permits he may be the Chief of Army.

Regarding hydropower he elaborated all the projects held by Indian companies.MOYU with Indian companies is that they will provide certain % free power and free equity whereas new MOU between Chinese company for West Seti states no free power neither free equity.

These are reality.Regarding border issue,he admitted that there is land to be given to Nepal in the side of Uttar Pradesh but in the side of Bihar Nepal has to give to India.Which is very difficult for any political parties and government to accept and to end the disputes for ever.However 98% border is clear,only in 2% there is dispute.

Government of India assists by giving aid in the field of education,health,roads,infrastructure and etc keeping in view that in Nepal’s growth to some extent India’s growth is also related.If neighbour is happy you are happy.

Regarding intervention,India never intervenes in internal matter of Nepal,always having the view of its nepalese people who will decide what sort of government they want and it has to be decided by them.

Myth is created by vested leaders sometime by giving confusing statements for their benefits.

Regarding TIA,even embassy of India came to knoe from media that indian company is getting contract of maintenance.Fact is one private company of Nepal got entered into mou with Indian company for this project.Throughout the world nowadays airports are maintained by private companies but security,customs and immigration is controlled and managed by the concerned government of the country.Overall,it was very informative talk and impressed all the present there.

Although the Programme of Rotarian was secret and confidential yet HIMALINI managed to publish few impressive word delivered by DCM Jai Deep Mazumdar, which will diffinitely help to strengthen the relation between India & Nepal.

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