Tue. Mar 26th, 2019

Madhesi leaders in NC rue party’s apathy to Madhes


SINDHUPALCHOK, AUG 01 – Nepali Congress (NC) leaders representing the Madhes raised concerns over the party losing control in the Madhes by ignoring the genuine issues of the Madhesi people during the closed session of the NC district presidents’ conference on Tuesday.

They urged the party to prepare a broader social and economic package to address the aspirations of the Madhesi people if the party was to retain the trust of the Madhesi people.

Madhesi leaders also claimed that the leadership was discriminatory in the distribution of party tickets in the Madhes, resulting in growing disenchantment. The party’s failure to select the right man for the right position had caused a huge loss to the NC in the last Constituent Assembly elections, said the leaders.

They suggested that the leadership win back the confidence of the Madhesi people by adopting a fresh mandate.

Recently, Madhesi parties have been projecting the NC as a regional party. As the other parties are fanning flames of discontent against the NC in the Madhes, leaders argued that the region requires special attention from the leadership.

The leadership also came under criticism for its failure to implement the inclusive policies at different levels of the party as articulated by the statute.

“There should be serious deliberations within the party about retaining the trust of Madhesi people,” said NC leader Uma Kanta Chaudhary, who was recently nominated as Madhes in-charge of the NC.

“The party, under the leadership of BP Koirala, lacked an inclusive policy but the party was actually inclusive then. There is now a provision for inclusiveness in the party’s statue but it remains only in words,” said Chaudhary.

Madhesi leaders also raised the issue of reservation for the oppressed, marginalised, Janajati, Dalit, Tharu and Muslim communities in the state mechanisms. However, they argued that Janajatis from the hill region and the Madhesis should not be treated on equal footing. District presidents have demanded an amendment to the party’s statute regarding this issue.

Speakers during the session urged the party leadership to address the demand for Madhesi identity.

NC Madhesi leaders also came down heavily on regional Madhesi parties formed after the Madhes movement. They said that these parties were imposing the agenda of ‘One Madhes One Pradesh’ to ensure their autocracy rather than to liberate the Madehsi people.

“Madhesi parties are promoting the communal agenda to gain the power and prestige rather than to address the issues of Madhes,” said Surendra Chaudhary, NC Parsa president. He argued that NC is seriously concerned about the Madhesi people as the NC itself was born in the Madhes.by KAMAL DEV BHATTARAI from Ekantipur

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