Wed. Mar 20th, 2019

Maoist top brass in bid to placate hardliners


KATHMANDU: The two-day long meeting of the central committee members of the establishment faction of the Unified CPN-Maoist today concluded with a decision ‘to take the hardliner faction along despite their irresponsible activities’.
The meeting decided to hold party’s CC meeting after discussing with hardline leaders, including Senior Vice-chairman Mohan Baidhya who had organised a press conference on Saturday to announce their protests against the party-led coalition government.

However, one of the influential leaders of the hardline faction, CP Gajurel, claimed that there was no significance of holding another CC meeting at a time when the party leadership has been ignoring the decisions taken during the latest CC meeting.

Hinting that his faction would not attend CC meeting, Gajurel, who is also one of the secretaries of the party, said they could think of the next CC meeting only if the party chairman implemented earlier decisions taken by the latest CC meeting first.

Following today’s meeting, party Spokesman Dinanath Sharma said the meeting decided to hold talks with Baidhya for the next CC meeting. He said the CC meeting would discuss the arbitrariness in the party and try to address the concerns raised by the Baidhya faction.
Baidhya camp for joint force
KATHMANDU: Secretary of the Unified CPN-Maoist CP Gajurel on Tuesday said they had been holding talks with dozens of organisations and fringe parties to form a national joint front so as to fight for pro-people constitution, dignified army integration, unity government and safeguard national interest. Gajurel, an influential hardline leader, claimed that they had received overwhelming response from different quarters of society following their ‘popular’ press conference last Saturday. “We will come up with a concrete struggle plan in a couple of days after we complete first round of talks with these organisations and parties,” said Gajurel, adding that talks were on with the parties, including CPN-United led by Mani Thapa and Matrika Yadav. Asked about the allegations that hardliners were trying to obstruct peace and constitution-drafting processes, Gajurel said, “Such statements prove how much the chairman has deviated from his political stance.”TIKA R PRADHANTHT

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