Sat. Nov 17th, 2018

Muktinath temple tilts

POKHARA, Oct 16: The famous temple of Muktinath, situated in the mountains of Mustang district, has started to tilt calling for immediate repair and maintenance.

Chairman of Muktinath Development Committee and Chief District Officer (CDO) of Mustang Yogendra Prasad Pandey said the temple has leant two inches toward south-west direction due to weak surface and erosion of
ground by water.

“Technicians attribute the tilt to the water that flows regularly from the 108 taps and Bishnukunda, a holy pond, located near the temple premises,” Pandey said. “The temple can come under real threat if the flow of water is not managed immediately.”

There had been rumors about tilting of the temple around five years ago, but it has actually started to lean now. “The temple is leaning at an alarming rate and the structure can come down if there is no immediate intervention,” he stated.

The technicians with the Department of Archaeology have suggested a change in the course of the water flow, Pandey said. The temple constructed 197 years ago has never been repaired except the roof which was changed some time ago.

“Not a penny has been spent on repair works apart from changing of the roof. The temple structure has grown weak as it was built two centuries ago,” he claimed.

“We have time and again apprised the government about the temple´s poor state but without any response,” Subedi said.

“The government officers come for inspection and return after pilgrimage without initiating any repair work,” he urged.

A team, including Secretary of the Ministry of Culture Dinesh Hari Adhikari, Director General of the Department of Archaeology Bishnu Raj Karki and technicians, has returned to Pokhara on Saturday after a two-day inspection.

The team has also recommended immediate repair. “The temple will not fall down immediately but it has definitely tilted,” Karki said.

The team has estimated the cost of repair at around Rs 60 million, but the government has allotted just Rs 10 million in this year´s budget. “We must begin repair works even if we have to garner additional fund from elsewhere,” Karki vowed.SANTOSH POKHAREL(myrepublica)

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