Mon. Nov 19th, 2018

Nepal is in 80th position in the GPI of 2012, a 15-point improvement from last year,

Study finds Nepal peaceful than most South Asian nations
The Global Peace Index (GPI), a study on relative position of nations’ and regions’ peacefulness which is published by US-based Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), has placed Nepal above most of the South Asian countries in this year’s list.
Nepal is in 80th position in the GPI of 2012, a 15-point improvement from last year, while India figures much behind, in 1422nd position. Likewise, Sir Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan’s position is 103, 91 and 149 respectively. Afghanistan appears second after Somalia as least peaceful country, appearing in 158th position. Altogether 158 nations were surveyed this year.

Bhutan tops in South Asia in the GPI with 19th position while China’s has slid in the peace index, standing in 89th as against 80th position last year.
Iceland is once again ranked the most peaceful country in the world, followed by Denmark and New Zealand. Syria has seen the biggest drop in margin, falling over 30 places to be placed at 147th.

The survey studied 23 indicators across 158 countries, ranging from measures of civil unrest and crime to military spending, involvement in armed conflict and ties with neighbours. The report claims that except the deterioration in West Asia, every other region in the world showed at least some form of improvement.

The GPI showed that for the first time, sub-Saharan Africa was no longer the world’s least peaceful region, losing that dubious distinction to West Asia and North Africa in the aftermath of the “Arab Spring”.

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