Tue. Nov 20th, 2018

Nepali leaders will work together: Indian envoy

KATHMANDU, FEB 10 – Indian Ambassador to Nepal Jayanta Parsad claimed that peace and constitution writing process would be completed in consensus between the political parties, as they have no alternatives.
Inaugurating a documentary directed by Journalist Rishi Dhamala in Capital on Friday, Prasad argued that peace and constitution writing processes would complete in time regardless of the differences between them as it is the basic necessity of the country at the moment.
“It is obvious that there are big differences between Maoists, democrats and pro-monarchs. However, they have no alternative but to work in consensus for the sake of peace and constitution. The deadline for the completion of peace and constitution is coming closer and the leaders are aware about it,” said Prasad.
Saying that the Constituent Assembly (CA) is the converging point for all the parties, Prasad said that the parties would eventually agree on the tasks. Prasad further said that people should not expect a perfect constitution in the first attempt. He added that it would not be logical to expect the constitution acceptable to everyone at a go.

“Russian constitution had a comprehensive explanation about democracy, but everyone knows the situation there. England does not even have a written constitution. India has also amended its constitution numerous times. Everyone learns gradually,” Indian Ambassador Prasad said.
Prasad said that the foreign ministries of both India and Nepal are making preparations for the official visit of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

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