Fri. Oct 19th, 2018

No photoshop done on my strip pic :Poonam Pandey

TOI:The model claims her nude picture doesn’t have any photoshop work and is a toast to good cricket

Poonam Pandey: No photoshop done on my strip pic
Poonam Pandey: No photoshop done on my strip pic

Poonam Pandey has finally gone ahead and posted a nude photo of hers after Shah Rukh Khan‘s team won the IPL finals last night. Though Poonam was supporting Dhoni, she says that she posted this picture because she is also a Shah Rukh Khan fan.
Says Poonam, “SRK is the badshah of the world. Dhoni’s team also played well in the finals and Dhoni looks great on the field. I haven’t shifted loyalties but am all for good cricket. I also like Mumbai Indians. This photo of mine is a toast to the spirit of the game. Besides, long ago, I had also said that I would strip if SRK wins. And here is the photo. My fans are also liking it.”
The picture that she has posted comes with the warning: “18 & under should not try looking up the pic. that said i do not take responsibility for anyone under age #NewPic #Dare2BareAll! Ask Poonam if she is worried that social networking sites don’t circulation of nude content and she says, “I don’t think there is any problem with the photograph.”
So when did she shoot this photo? “I had shot it a sometime back but there is always a right time to reveal everything. Now is the time,” she insists. And what about comments that it is a photoshop work? “Of course, not. This is just a teaser. Just check out my film with Amit Saxena,” she signs off.

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