Wed. Mar 20th, 2019

Police make suspect’s ‘composite sketch’ of one of the two motorcycle-borne people involved in the shooting of Supreme Court Justice Rana Bahadur Bam.


KATHMANDU: The high-level panel tasked with probing the May 31 assassination of Supreme Court Justice Rana Bahadur Bam in Shankhamul today released what it called a ‘composite sketch’ (see picture) of one of the two motorcycle-borne people involved in the shooting.

Briefing about its investigation thus far, the probe panel formed under Metropolitan Police Commissioner AIG Kuber Singh Rana informed that two motorcycle-borne individuals had opened fire on Bam, Ram Giri and Mahesh Giri using two pistols. The panel said eyewitnesses, including Bam’s chaffeur Asta Lama, bodyguard Mahesh Giri, family friend Ram Giri and some locals, could not describe the suspect’s face in detail as he was wearing a mask and sun protection hat. Rana, quoting the witnesses, said the suspect was riding pillion, was 27-28 years old, had round face with pimples and was about 5’6” tall.

Asta escaped unhurt in the shooting, whereas Mahesh and Ram sustained injuries.

The witnesses could not describe the face of another suspect, who was wearing a full-face helmet with tinted visors. Investigators termed the incident an ‘ultra-modern organised crime’ and said they are trying to unravel the mystery by conducting a scientific investigation.

Meanwhile, the probe panel has pledged ‘an attractive prize’ for valuable information that can lead to the arrest of the shooters with a pledge to protect the informers’ identities, without saying what the prize entailed. According to the panel, knowledgeable and result-oriented police officers have been working on the case following best practices that have led to arrest of the guilty in similar cases.

Officials have asked people to contact 9851042412 or 9851052770 or 9851115077 to provide information about the suspects.tht

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