Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

Sadbhawana Party to hold federalists’ gathering


KATHMANDU, June 26: With a view to forge a common stance on federalism and the new constitution, Sadbhawana Party (SP) has decided to organize a gathering of “pro-federalist” political parties and ethnic groups in the first week of July.

Manish Suman, general secretary of SP, said a two-day gathering would be held in Chitwan on July 6 and 7. He, however, stated that the date and venue of the program could be reconsidered.

“It will be a mega gathering of pro-federalist forces who share common views on issues of Madhesis, Dalits and Indigenous and other marginalized communities, and believe that the new constitution must be promulgated from the Constituent Assembly (CA),” Suman said. To underscore the importance of such a gathering at present, he stated that their party has realized that the issues of federalism and constitution have been sidelined by other secondary issues.

“The political parties are busy bringing down one government after another,” Suman said.

The call for the gathering has come at a time when some Madhes-based political leaders are stressing on the need for uniting all Madhesi parties to form a single party to push for Madhesi cause.

A central committee meeting of Tarai Madhes Democratic Party (TMDP) last week had called on all the Madhes-based political parties to join forces to form a single Madhesi party saying that it was necessary to take such a move in order to push forward the Madhesi agenda, ensure identity-based federal states and promulgation of a new statute from the CA.

When asked if the gathering would hold discussion on the formation a single Madhesi party, Suman stated, “Of course. Even Madhesi people want to see a single party in Madhes.”

“Approximately 300 leaders from various political parties and ethnic groups will attend the gathering,” Suman said.
Madhesi parties have said promulgation of the new constitution from outside the CA would not be acceptable to them under any circumstance.

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