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three-party agreement as conspiracy to weaken Tarai by dividing it into multiple provinces.

KATHMANDU, May 16: The Madhesi People’s Rights Forum Nepal (MPRF-N) has threatened to launch strong protests if the agreement reached among three major political parties on the formation of 11 provinces and other contentious issues of the new constitution is not scrapped.

The Madhes-based political party has termed the three-party agreement as conspiracy to weaken Tarai by dividing it into multiple provinces.

“The three political parties must withdraw the agreement immediately as it is against past agreements reached between the Madhes-based parties and government and against the reports by State Restructuring Commission (SRC) and the Constitution Assembly (CA)’s thematic committee on state restructuring,” said MPRF General Secretary Ramsahay Yadav at a press conference organized by the party in Singha Durbar on Wednesday.

When asked about what he meant by the strong protest, Yadav stated, “Let us hold discussion first, you all will know about it in one day or two.”

He said his party would not accept the 11-province model under any circumstances, saying the model would continue suppression of the Madhesi peoples.

Similarly, United Democratic Tharu Front (UDTF), an alliance of cross-party Tharu lawmakers, has objected the three-party agreement, describing the deal as an attack on the sentiments of the Tharu, Muslim, Indigenous, Dalit communities, among other marginalized groups.

The alliance has also called an indefinite banda all across Tarai districts starting May 18 to exert pressure for the formation of an identity-based autonomous Tharuhat/Madhes state.
‘Constitution of ‘a few’ would not be accepted’ UPENDRA YADAV
Madhesi Janadhikar Forum-Nepal (MJF-N) Chairman Upendra Yadav said that the constitution made on the basis of agreement between only a few leaders would not be accepted. He said that the decision of few cannot overlook the sentiments of 601 lawmakers.

Addressing a program organised by Madhes Media House in the Capital, Yadav said, “The entire Constituent Assembly has been made to look worthless. What is the point of having the CA if only few people have the authority?”

Yadav further said that the agreement was illogical and unconstitutional. He claimed that the constitution should be promulgated according to the proposals prepared by the thematic committees of CA.

Saying that the major parties are conspiring to weaken the Madhes by breaking it into pieces, MJF-N Chairman Yadav said that the federal draft brought by the major parties would not be accepted in any way. Yadav said that they would revolt to create an autonomous Madhes state with the right to self-determination.source republica,ekantipur

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