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Youths close to Bhandari form parallel body, “I will tell them that whatever I did was in line with party policy,” Bndari said

KATHMANDU, June 2: Senior leader of Madhesi People´s Rights Forum-Democratic (MPRF-D) Sharat Singh Bhandari has prepared himself to respond forcefully over the clarifications sought from him by the party.

“I will tell them that whatever I did was in line with party policy,” Bhandari said about his planned response over clarifications sought by the MPRF-D, adding, “If working in the cause of the Madhesi people goes against party policy, I will go against that policy in future also.”

The disciplinary committee of the MPRF-D on Friday published a notice in a broadsheet national daily, seeking clarifications from Bhandari by Sunday.

The committee has accused Bhandari of involvement in activities against party policy — organizing gatherings across the Tarai districts unilaterally and joining the Broader Madhesi Front, a cross-party alliance of Madhesi lawmakers.

According to leaders close to Bhandari, he is dissatisfied with the party seeking clarifications from him though the media without informing him about such a step. “They (party leadership) sought clarifications from him (Bhandari) through a newspaper notice in order to humiliate him,” said MPRF-D central member Pramod Gupta, who is close to Bhandari.

Chief of the disciplinary committee Hemraj Tated said that they would recommend to the party central committee about the nature of the action to be taken against Bhandari once he furnishes his clarifications.

Meanwhile, youth leaders close to Bhandari, who are associated with the Youth Forum-Democratic (YFD), a sister wing of the MPRF-D, have formed a parallel body, stating that the organization is being run high-handedly by three leaders — party Chairman Bijaya Gachchhadar, the YFD chairman and its General Secretary Beda Narayan Gachchhadar, niece of Chairman Gachchhadar.

A meeting of the disgruntled youth leaders held in the capital on Saturday formed a 101-member parallel YFD led by MPRF-D Central Member Gopal Raya.

MPRF-D Chairman Gachchhadar had expelled central members Raya and Sameer Rana Magar on May 23, for protesting against the government.

“We were expelled from the party, stating that we were involved in burning the effigies of the prime minister and the deputy prime minister and home minister,” said Raya.

Asked why they have formed a parallel committee, Raya claimed that the youth organization was not being run as per the principles of democracy and inclusiveness.

“They (leadership) also failed to hold a general convention of the YFD though they were entrusted with organizing the general convention within six months,” Raya added.

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