Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

Nepal, for the first time, agreed to provide policing training to the Indian police.

KATHMANDU, JAN 18 – Nepal, for the first time, agreed to provide policing training to the Indian police. The two-day Nepal-India home secretary-level talks that concluded in New
Delhi on Tuesday took a decision in this regard.
The 26th point of the 10-page minutes of the meeting, obtained by the Post, read, “The Nepalese side offered training opportunities to the Indian police personnel of tourism and community policing.” Nepal has excellent track record in community and tourism policing so Indian side was happy with the offer, said a source.

The meeting agreed to hold regular meetings of the chiefs of Armed Police Force and Director General, SSB, India. “For effective co-ordination at the ground level, the field commanders of the APF and their Indian counterparts should be provided with appropriate communication facilities for real time exchange of information. It was decided that they would meet on a bi-monthly basis. It was agreed that IF, APF and DG, SSB shall meet annually,” minute No 17 read.

यह भी पढें   प्रदेश २ की सरकार परिवर्तन पर फिर व्यापक चर्चा

The meeting discussed about strengthening measures to check the movement of terrorists and other miscreants using international airports as transit points, growth of religious fundamentalism on Nepal-India border, proliferation of Madrasas, anti-India propaganda by some Nepal’s FM radio stations in the border areas and misuse of SIM cards. “The Indian side expressed concern over the programmes directed against India broadcast by some FM stations in the border regions and requested the Nepal government to help control such broadcasts,” minute No 14 read.

India agreed to prevent harassment of Nepali nationals by the Indian police personnel and agreed for a joint inspection and maintenance of missing or damaged boundary pillars at least once every two years.

यह भी पढें   कोरोना से संक्रमित ४ व्यक्ति की मृत्यु, कूल मृतकों की संख्या ८३ पहुँच गई

Indian side also agreed to provide training and capacity building support for combating cyber crimes, economic offences, and on forensic sciences, training for customs officials, prison officials, immigration officials, police officials and chief district officers.

Nepali side raised the issue of using fake Nepali documents by some unscrupulous elements. Both sides reviewed the Nepalganj- Raupaidiya Pilot Project to regulate cross-border movements, regular meeting of border coordination committees and issue of security of Indian joint ventures in Nepal. by Anil Giri from Ekantipur

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