Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

Police investigation shows involvement of rival faction of Maoist trade union in near-fatal attack on Jamarkattel; four combatants held

Nepal Police on Friday said that the cause of an attack on the Maoist lawmaker and trade union leader Salikram Jamarkattel two months earlier was the internal dispute of the Maoist party.

After the investigation, the police concluded that there was “political reason” behind the attack.

Organising a press conference in Kathmandu, Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of the Nepal Police revealed that Maoist combatants attacked him following an order from former secretary of All Nepal Trade Union Federation-Revolutionary Tara Nidhi Panta aka Ramesh Panta.

SSP Kamal Singh Bam said the investigation found Panta to have plotted the attack and Rajan Kharel ‘Dhiraj’ assisted him’.

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“It seems the motive of the attack was not to kill him but to make him feel insecure,” SSP Bam added.

Combatants from the third division of the Maoist cantonment Indra Bahadur Shahi had attacked Jamarkattel with an iron rod and disqualified combatants Sudip Karki ‘Nabin’ and Kamal Budhathoki had assisted him. Likewise, combatabts Ram Pudasaini had planned the timing of the attack.

Police have arrested the four while main accused Panta and his assistant Kharel are still at large.

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Jamarkattel was critically injured after he was attacked with a iron rod in Babarmahal while he was walking on August 27.

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