Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

leaders of Madhes-based political parties have agreed to call a meeting of the United Democratic Madhesi Front

Leaders of five Madhes-based parties associated with the UDMF have been demanding a meeting of the Madhesi alliance to evaluate the partnership with the Maoists and the progress made in implementing the four-point agreement reached between UDMF and the UCPN (Maoist) that sealed the present coalition.

Some influential UMDP leaders were of the view that the Madeshi leadership has failed to address fundamental Madhesi issues covered in the four-point agreement signed on August 29. Madhes-based political parties decided to back Dr Baburam Bhattarai in the prime ministerial election following the four-point deal.

According to Madhesi leaders, a two-day meeting of the UDMF is scheduled starting Thursday to review progress in the four-point deal.

To press for the meeting, Chairman of Madhesi People´s Rights Forum-Republican (MPRF-R) JP Gupta, who is also Minister for Information and Communication, called on Madhesi People´s Rights Forum-Democratic(MPRF-D) Chairman Bijay Kumar Gachchhadar on Saturday morning.

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“As most leaders in the UDMF are not happy with the progress made so far on the fundamental Madhesi issues incorporated in the four-point agreement, I urged him (Gachchhadar) to call a meeting of the alliance to discuss the matter,” Gupta told Republica.

In response, Gachchhadar, who is also Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs, said that they will keep working on the Madhesi issues and will also call a meeting of the UDMF this week to discuss the concerns raised by Madhesi leaders.

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Gupta said that his party has serious complaints regarding the performance of UDMF in the government, and that even issues related to the ministries headed by Madhesi leaders have not been addressed so far.

“Fundamental Madhesi issues, especially the citizenship problem and the Inclusion Bill, which are related to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Law Ministry respectively, have not been addressed. So, how can we blame the prime minister as the Madhesi ministers themselves have failed to work on Madhesi issues?,” said Gupta.

He said his party will reconsider its cooperation with UDMF if the Madhesi alliance fails to address Madhesi issues.

A central committee meeting of the MPRF-D on Thursday had given a 15-day ultimatum to the government to implement the remaining issues in the four-point deal.

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“Our friends (leaders) have even put forward views questioning why the party should work with the Madhesi alliance as it has failed to act effectively on Madhesi issues,” Gupta added.

Meanwhile, MPRF-D has called a parliamentary party meeting for Monday. “As we were preparing to submit a memorandum in this regard, he have called a meeting for Monday, and we will raise our voice forcefully regarding what we have achieved so far since joining the government,” said MPRF-D leader Pramod Gupta.घयानि गिरि उरोम ृेपुबलिछा

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