Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Police have arrested a woman for assisting her Singapore-based Indian husband to finance a terror outfit

KATHMANDU: Nepal Police have arrested a woman for assisting her Singapore-based Indian husband to finance a terror outfit active in Assam and Nagaland from Nepal.
Nepal Police seized two lakh dollars that were remitted through proper banking channels from Singapore to the account of Sarita Giri Rai (in her 30s) in Naya Baneshwor-based branch office of Everest Bank eight days ago.
According to a police source, the amount belongs to Dima Haolam Daogah (Jewel faction) aka Black Widow, an insurgent group active in Assam and Nagaland.
Rai, who is now facing money laundering and terror financing charge, told the investigators that the amount was transferred to the bank account by her husband Niranjan Hojai, the self-styled commander-in-chief of the terror network. She was preparing to send the money to the ultras in India through hundi when the police caught her.

Rai of Sindhupalchowk was living a luxurious life in Jorpati. “The amount we seized from her bank account is just a tip of the iceberg. She also has a well-furnished house worth over Rs 40 million, four ropani land and a fleet of cars in Kathmandu,” said an investigator. She has failed to reveal the source of the properties and the amount seized. The money was remitted from a Citibank branch in Singapore to her account two weeks back. Had the Nepali authorities not reached the Everest Bank on time, the money would have been sent to India.

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However, officials refused to say whether she received money from the terrorist network in the past also before pushing it into India.
Hojai had married Rai a couple of years ago apparently to use her as a link person for the terrorist network.
She has also a daughter allegedly fathered by the terrorist leader. Her passport details show that she used to frequently visit Singapore.

The money is suspected to have been generated through extortion by the insurgent group. The outfit has been demanding a homeland – ‘Dimasaland’ – for the Dimasa people in areas falling in Assam and Nagaland.
The Special Court had sent Rai to judicial custody to investigate into the money laundering charge on December 1 through Anti-Money Laundering Department.
Money trail
• Wife of Indian terrorist leader in police custody
• Received two lakh dollars from Singapore-based

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husba• Was to send the money to Assam and Nagaland via hundi HIMALAYAN NEWS SERVICE

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