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BIRATNAGAR, April 21: In contrast to what leaders from major parties have been saying, Madhesi People’s Rights Forum Nepal (MPRF-N) Chairman Upendra Yadav has flatly ruled out that the new constitution would be promulgated with the May 27 deadline.

“I am myself a member of Constitutional Committee (tasked with making the new constitution). So far, there has been no agreement reached exactly on the type of a future constitution,” Yadav said talking to the media at the Biratnagar airpot. “The three major parties are only bent on rendering the Constituent Assembly ineffective.”

Yadav maintained that there is no prospect of a new constitution as parties are yet to agree on the two key issues—state restructuring and forms of governance. If ever, the constitution is drafted within that time, the document would be shaped in such a way that it would serve interests of UCPN-Maoist, Nepali Congres and CPN-UML only, he added.

Stating that the three parties, avoiding CA hall and Singha Durbar, are holding secret talks at luxury hotel and resorts, Yadav questioned, “Is a constitution is something written at hotels and restaurants?”

There will be a major stir in Madhes if a new constitution with identity-based federalism is not promulgated by May 27, the MPRF-N chairman warned, stressing that Madhes issues should be addressed in the new constitution in line with the pact reached with the then government during the Madhes movement.

Yadav also branded sitting Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minsiter Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar as a ‘briefcase minister’ and said the MPRF-D chairman is the most corrupt of all leader in whole Asia.

Alleging that Gachchhadar, a one-time leader in his own party, was involved in massive irregularities while promoting and transferring senior police officers, Yadav questioned, “How come a (home) minister like him can ensure law and order in the country?” byKHILANATH DHAKAL from republica

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