Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Hada briefed the chief secretary on the “illegal” transfers.Yadav v/sHada

KATHMANDU, MAR 15 – A team of agitating civil servants under the Ministry of Irrigation (MoI) on Thursday met Chief Secretary Madhav Ghimire and demanded he put an end to “malpractices” in the ministry when transferring employees.

Ghimire later summoned the secretary at the MoI, Brinda Hada, and other senior officials in a bid to find out what actually happened on Tuesday midnight and Wednesday between Irrigation Minister Mahendra Yadav and Hada.

Before meeting the chief secretary, all employees under the MoI gathered on the ministry premises and protested Tuesday’s incident. However, Yadav did not turn up in his office.

On Tuesday midnight, Yadav and his aides allegedly abused secretary Hada, who, along with other officials at the MoI, were protesting mass transfers. The civil servants claimed that the minister “manipulated” the transfers in direct breach of the set standards. They accused Yadav of transferring people loyal to him to lucrative posts.

On Thursday, Hada briefed the chief secretary on the “illegal” transfers. “I had taken the minister’s prior consent before publishing the transfer list. I had includes the minister’s choices, but still I was verbally abused by him and his aides,” Hada told Ghimire.

Employees at the ministry expressed fear that Hada would be transferred to other ministries by offering her more lucrative assignments. This, according to them, would adversely affect the organised and systematic working environment at the ministry.Ekantipur Report


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