Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

PM issues directives on staff transfer Asks ministers and secretaries to act as per their mandate

KATHMANDU, MAR 18 – Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai on Sunday issued a seven-point directive to his ministers and secretaries to be practised while transferring bureaucrats. The move comes in the wake of disputes between ministers and secretaries as well as secretaries and other staff over transfer of officials.

Irrigation minister Mahedra Yadav and his aide had reportedly hurled abuses against Secretary Brinda Hada. Education Secretary Kishore Thapa had threatened to resign owing to pressure from trade unions. The prime minister held a meeting with ministers and secretaries in the regard.

The directive requires criteria for transfers and states that if any one is found pressing for transfer, the minister or the secretary concerned should file a complaint in the Prime Minister’s Office. Bhattarai told the meeting that ministers, secretaries and state ministers should operate under their jurisdiction. The directive also asks a minister to inform it to the PM if s/he has any complaint against a secretary.

Similarly, if a secretary has any issue with the minister, it has to be brought before the PM through the chief secretary. The prime minister, in his circular, has clearly stated that any recommendation or pressure from trade unions has to be rejected outright. However, the directive also calls for ample discussion with trade unions before finalising the transfer criteria.

The directive also seeks priority for civil servants working in “projects of national pride” along with those working in Village Development Committees and offices located in remote areas in transfer. The PM has directed filing a written complaint with local authorities if an office is vandalised over a transfer issue. Unless a complaint is filed, the officer-in-charge would be held responsible for the damage.

Meanwhile, a meeting of secretaries called by Chief Secretary Madhav Ghimire on Sunday condemned the ill treatment meted out to secretaries.Ekantipur Report


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