Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

Iran visit very successful‚ claims PM Bhattarai

baburam bhattrai
baburam bhattrai

TEHRAN: Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has said the Iran visit of a Nepali delegation under his leadership was very successful.
Talking to National News Agency (RSS) reporter, Ramesh Lamsal, the PM said the importance of the Non-Aligned Movement was growing.
At the Esteghal Hotel of Tehran, he claimed that the meeting he held with heads of different governments and countries was fruitful.
“NAM needs to be more active in the days ahead, and this need was highlighted by the Tehran Summit as the Summit was very successful in this regard,” he claimed.
Similarly, PM Bhattarai claimed that the issues he raised in the Summit as global fraternity, world peace, address to poverty, were common issues and therefore very important.
Moreover, being a chair of the least developed countries, and the founding member of the NAM, Nepal’s participation in the Summit was meaningful, he said, adding that they put forth the views respecting Nepalis’ aspirations.
During the Summit, Prime Minister Bhattarai met with UN Secretary General, Indian and Bangladeshi Prime Ministers, Iranian President, and dignitaries from Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and others.
According to the PM, the meetings with these personalities were significant to strengthen Nepal’s international relations.
During the meeting with Indian Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh, Prime Minister Bhattarai urged the Indian PM to immediately provide 200 MW electricity as said earlier, and to extend the financial assistances.
PM Bhattarai made special request with his Indian counterpart to extend significant help in the economic development in Nepal.Moreover, they talked about the political transition in Nepal.
Similarly, it was a great opportunity to Nepal to have talks with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. General Secretary Moon said the UN was studying Nepal’s political development with special attention and was hopeful that Nepal would forge consensus soon and complete the tasks of establishing peace and writing constitution.
PM took this very positively and told the Secretary General Moon that continuous discussions among political parties would clear the political deadlock and his party was committed to this end.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took Nepal’s stand and continuous participation in the NAM very positively, claimed the PM.
Iranian President said the Iranian government was ready to extend help to Nepal in the sectors of economic and tourism development.This way, the Iran visit was very successful, the PM said, adding the objection of the opposition parties for this visit was meaningless.

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