Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

Initiative to correct Buddha’s birthplace in British museum

KATHMANDU, Nov 12: The Nepal Information Correction Task Force of the World Federation of Nepali Literature has suggested the Museum of United Kingdom to correct the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

The letter signed by former ambassador to Britain and Convener of the Task Force Murari Raj Sharma and Task Force Member Dr. Govind Raj Bhattarai states that the British Museum should take the fact as a basis that Lumbini
is in the world heritage list.

The Task Force has urged the Museum to correct the information as it is objectionable to make wrong publicity that there are evidences of Buddha’s birth in Nepal.

Federation Member Biswas Deep Tigela said the information had been received to the Federation that it had been taken to the process of correction on the basis of suggestions of the Literary Federation and other organizations.

Buddha was born in India has been mentioned under the topic ‘The Life of the Buddha’ in the Department of Asia Chamber of the British Museum in London that is visited by six million tourists every year from all over the world.


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